"Rio Limobike did the impossible and took me from Barra to Galeão Airport in the evening traffic in just 36 minutes. And I enjoyed the ride!" - Magnus Sprenger, PwC Partner

What is a RioLimobike?

It’s a passenger motorbike. Based in Rio de Janeiro, it provides the quickest and one of the most glamorous ways to get from A to B.

Celebrities use it, business people use it, in fact people from all walks of life use it, whether it be to get to the airport quickly regardless of how bad the traffic is or to glide from one end of Rio de Janeiro to the other.

Don't get caught in traffic again!

How it works?

You can book your Rio Limobike via either email or phone.

Your qualified rider will turn up ready to whisk you off to you destination with plenty of storage space if you're off to the airport.

Don't worry about any bad weather either as you will have full protective clothing that will protect you from the rain.

What we aim to achieve?

Why sit in traffic worrying about missing a meeting or reaching your flight in time?

Taking the frustration and worry out of moving around Rio de Janeiro is our specialty and our aim is simple: getting you from A to B quickly, comfortably and above all safely.

We pride ourselves on delivering our service and our regular customers can testify to that.

Rio Limobike Experience

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